Mass Manipulation

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This documentary series is written and presented by Adam
Curtis. It was released in 2004 on BBC Four. The series focuses on the work of Sigmund and
Anna Freud along with the work of Edward Bernays.

This documentary, in particular, revolves around the fact
that certain corporations use methods such as psychoanalysis in order to
control the public. The use of such methods would be beneficial to the
corporations in a number of ways.

These mass controlling methods are based on the work of Sigmund
Freud. Both business and political world alike use certain psychological
techniques in order to interpret, provoke and finally fulfill the desires of
the public. The purpose of employment of these techniques is to make their
products or speeches as pleasing and appealing as possible.

The gravity of this issue can be seen from the statement of
a Wall Street banker, Paul Mazur. From his point of view, the people should be
trained to put their desires in front of their needs.

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