Stargazing: A Graphic Guide To The Heavens

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In a crystalline night, on vacation, perhaps, how often contemplates the night sky and promise to learn from the stars and constellations? Somehow, we never round to it. Letters in newspapers seems too complicated. Astronomical manuals are equally daunting.

Observation of the stars is the answer – the night sky simple and beautiful map, a star atlas animation works from anywhere in the world. Season by season, signs and explains. Little by little – like learning a language – the cosmos is comprehensible.

Observation of bright stars is a reference work that will last and last. Animated vignettes turn points of light – stars, nebulae, galaxies – into supernovae, pulsars intermittent acute quasars and rotating swarms of 150 billion stars with supermassive black hole at its center.

The sky looks from three bands of latitude – from the northern hemisphere mid-latitudes (Japan, Europe, North America), from the tropics and mid-latitude Southern Hemisphere (Australia and South America South). There is no “talking heads”, no interviews, not based on the screen.

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