Shaolin warrior training - The Secret to Kung Fu

  • Published 11 months ago
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Shaolin warriors believe that muscles do not make you stronger, or better for that matter. Their strength comes from practice and skill. They apply their strength to a good cause, and that is what separates traditional Shaolin warriors from MMA fighters and other fighters these days.

Shaolin warriors go through enormous length to push themselves beyond normal human capabilities. Their sole purpose is gaining better understanding of themselves and humans. As one warrior in the video says, “Any fool can cause violence. But a true warrior uses his strength to help others and himself”.

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Shaolin warrior training is “discipline”. Their ability to expend massive amounts of energy but remain calm and relaxed in the process is breathtaking.

Shaolin warriors get up early, and go to bed early. Their training is nothing like the training of traditional fighters. While MMA and strength fighters train with weighs and lifting, Shaolin warriors use bricks, wood, pots and everything else they find at their temples.

An interesting training routine you’ll see in the video is the “Shaolin drunk training” or Drunk Lila Skill. One has to grab a big pot filled with water, and moves like drunk as a camouflage. It is an exercise for both arms and all fingers, and the Shaolin warrior must be extremely precise, otherwise he will hurt himself, and others around him.

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