Secret Files of the Inquisition

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Episode one of a series; Based on previously secret documents unpublished European Archives including the Vatican secret archives of the Inquisition unveils the incredible true story of 500 years of struggle of the Catholic Church to remain the world’s only true Christian religion. Shot in high definition, this series of runs 4 hours of medieval France in Episode 1, 15th century Spain in Episode 2, Renaissance Italy in Episode 3 and a half of nineteenth century Europe in Episode 4. Historians, experts and church officials advising on the management of this controversial issue. At the beginning of the second millennium, Europe is out of the darkness and ignorance of the Middle Ages. There was no nation and the people were loyal only to their immediate community and with God. The guardian of the Word of God was the Catholic Church, the only religion in Christendom. The supreme religious leader, the Pope of Rome, crowned as the King, who became rulers of the Holy Roman Empire stretched from Sicily to northern Poland. The Emperor was the ruler of the temporal world, while the Pope and his bishops ruled the spiritual world. In the 12th century and 13, the cracks began to appear in this orderly world. Emperors do not appear to be crowned by the Pope and kings across Europe demanded the right to elect their own bishops. However, for the Pope, the biggest threat came from Christian sects upstart who challenged the doctrine of the church and the absolute power of the Pope of Rome. To preserve the purity of faith and the unquestioned authority of the Pope, the Church began to crack down on all dissent with a new weapon: the Inquisition. For over half a millennium, a system of mass terror reigned. Thousands of people were subject to secret courts, torture and punishment.

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