Rudy's Hobby Shop

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They say happiness is in the small things. And it is true for many of us. For Marvin Cochran, happiness is helping people be happy and fulfilled. And he does that by giving them goods and products that will entertain them and help them get their mind off their daily problems.

Marvin Cochran is an owner of a small shop called Rudy’s Hobby and Art located in Astoria Queens. The shop has several products that will let you have some fun. From models, rockets, games, toys, to a great selection of everything hobby related.

The short documentary takes a look at the day-to-day activities of Marvin, as well as impressions of his customers. Take a look at the hobby shop that was once an ice cream parlor. You’ll get a chance to see a sample of the inventory and hear from the customers.

The documentary is short, but it is a great example of lifestyle reporting journalism.

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