Ruby Ridge

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Ruby Ridge used to refer to a geographic location in the state of Idaho, but after an incident that took place there 10 years ago on August 21, the phrase has come to refer to a scandalous series of events that opened the eyes of many people to the inner workings of the federal government, including the vaunted Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now that 10 years have passed, the federal government will accelerate its ongoing efforts to “advance” and declared that the scandal “ancient history”. But the Ruby Ridge episode should not be forgotten soon.

On August 21, 1992, a paramilitary unit of the U.S. Marshals Service ventured into the 20-acre property known as Ruby Ridge. A man named Randy Weaver land and lived there with his wife, children and a family friend, Kevin Harris. There was a warrant for his arrest Weaver for a crime of firearms and the commissioners were guarding the facility. When the family dog saw the commissioners to hiding in the forest, began barking frantically. 14 years old, a weaver boy, Sammy, and Kevin Harris proceeded to seize their guns, because they thought the dog had come to a wild animal.

A shootout erupted when a marshal shot and killed the dog. Enraged that the family pet had been cut for no good reason, Sammy shot in the woods in the unidentified intruder. Within minutes, two human beings were shot Sammy Weaver and a marshal. Harris and Weaver family retired to his cabin and went to the stewards of the mountain and called the FBI for help.

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