Rolls Royce - How To Build A Jumbo Jet Engine

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In 1884, Henry Royce started a revolution in Britain. No, not a military revolution. Instead, he changed the car industry of the United Kingdom forever. He made his first car, a two-cylinder Royce 10 in 1904, but it was in 1884 that he started his business.

Henry Royce started his mechanical and electrical business in 1884. 20 years later, he produced the first Rolls Royce, a British car. He started the aero-engine manufacturing company together with Charles Stewart Rolls. And that is how the name Rolls Royce was born.

The company is known for the superior engineering quality, precision, and world class powered engines. But Rolls Royce is not just a car company. The company owned by Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls also produces engines for aircrafts.

The production and development of the advanced jet engine crippled the company, resulting in nationalization and privatization. The car division is now separated from the jet division.

But that jet engine is what took the company to the sky. Here is how the massive engine is built, explained by engineers and experts in Rolls Royce.

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