Overnight: Troy Duffy

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Overnight is a 2003 narrative by Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith. The film points of interest are the ascent and fall of movie producer and musical artist Troy Duffy, the author of The Boondock Saints. Duffy himself requested the filming of this documentary.

Duffy is represented as an ego victim, and as the film advances and his fortunes are spent, Duffy gets to be progressively abusive to his companions, relatives and business accomplices. As per co-chief Montana, "Troy appeared to delight in the consideration of Hollywood's lights and our cams. During the making of this documentary, Duffy asked not to be filmed only on three occasions. It was on those occasions that he made threats to us."

Roger Ebert, a famous critic, gave Overnight three out of four stars, stating that “we sense during one scene, has been listening to this blowhard for a lifetime, and although they are happy to share his success, they're sort of waiting to see how he screws up. ... So are we”.

Humorist Adam Carolla says Overnight in his book In 50 Years We'll All Be Chicks (2010), portraying the narrative as a current useful example and recommending that Troy Duffy's conduct is a sample of how to not act after accomplishing achievement. In November 2011, Carolla discharged a podcast meeting with Troy Duffy. Conceding that he was not on his best conduct amid the time the narrative was filmed; Duffy in any case demands that Overnight was unreasonably inclined to make him show up like a "boorish asshole".

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