Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948

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This is a film that purports to describe the biography of Gandhi the man and his relentless pursuit of truth. In a world full of hate and violence, this man of peace and goodwill fought all the evil and injustice with soul force. It stands as a challenge that gives the message of truth and non-violence, supreme, unlimited love. He is the Mahatma – the Great Soul – the name given to the people of India.

Gandhi has left an indelible mark on human history. His thinking is always present for those who aspire to a better and fuller life. The Gandhi National Memorial Trust has made a humble attempt to perpetuate the memory of Gandhi, by presenting the first complete biographical documentary film of his life, which largely reflects the history of India’s struggle for freedom.

Animation, live photography and old prints have been blended to give an integrated picture of his life. Some of the material is intended to be technically perfect, but is an authentic portrayal of history. The story also is told with simplicity and dignity, mostly in the words of Gandhi.

Even a documentary is nothing but a poor tool to describe many of Gandhi’s life and splendid variety of activities. In line with the aim of presenting a complete picture, the length of this was inevitable, short films that represent different aspects of your life will also be presented.

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