Lost at Sea

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Sometimes, it takes a lot of faith to survive and make it to the finish line. This is the basic struggle of every individual who runs the marathon. People think the marathon is a physical battle.

But it is more a mental one than a physical one. There are moments while running the marathon when you just want to give up. The faith you have, and the desire to make it to the end are what helps you survive.

Bill Durden was put in a similar situation. He was not running the marathon, but he was faced with the same struggle. Durden fell off his boat while fishing 25 miles off of Florida’s Gulf Coast. You might say 25 miles is not far, and that a boat could have come and rescue him.

But just try to imagine being dropped in the middle of nowhere in the ocean. No cell phone, no nothing to call someone. No food, or anything else. What will be the first thought that crosses your mind? Will you panic? Or will you try and find a way to survive and make it to the end?

Watch the short documentary to see how Bill finished his journey.

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