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Life is a documentary series about nature made for BBC television, first broadcast on BBC One and BBC HD from October to December 2009. The series is an overview of the specialized strategies and extreme behavior that living things have evolved to survive, what Charles Darwin called “the struggle for existence.” Four years in the making, the series was shot entirely in high definition. The spread of the UK’s life consists of ten episodes of 50 minutes. The opening program offers a general introduction to the series, a second aspect of the plants and the rest are devoted to the major animal groups. It aims to show the common characteristics that have contributed to the success of each group, and to document the intimate moments and dramatic life of certain species chosen for their charisma and extraordinary performance. A ten-minute take on life in terms of location is transmitted to the end of each episode, taking the total accumulated time of 60 minutes.

Life is produced by Natural History Unit of the BBC in association with Discovery Channel, Skai TV and the Open University. The original script, which is used in British and Canadian versions of the series, was written and narrated by David Attenborough. In the U.S., the series is displayed in a 11-run first participated in March 2010, with narration by Oprah Winfrey. The series is marketed under the brand BBC Earth and is distributed by BBC Worldwide. It has already been acquired by several radio stations in Latin America and the Discovery Channel Canada, which made its debut in North America on November 15, 2009.

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