Kosovo: Can You Imagine?

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"Kosovo: Can You Imagine?" is a 2009 documentary and the director is a Serbian Canadian Boris Malagurski. It revolves around the predicament of Serb groups living in Kosovo at the time the documentary was shot. Among the interviewed parties in the documentary are a former Canadian general Lewis MacKenzie, economist Michel Chossudovsky, former UNMIK officer John Hawthorne and Canadian negotiator James Byron Bissett.

The film gives a short record of Kosovo's history, beginning from the Battle of Kosovo, up to the current UN organization, which has existed following 1999, when, NATO shelled Yugoslavia for 78 days to end a Serbian crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatism in its region of Kosovo. It incorporates critique on the rights that Kosovo Albanians had amid communist Yugoslavia and parallels between the Kosovo Liberation Army and the separatist Front de libération du Québec by resigned Canadian General Lewis Mackenzie.

It is said by previous Canadian Ambassador James Byron Bissett, that in the years taking after the war, numerous Serbs were ousted from their homes, seized and murdered, while countless houses, social and religious destinations were blazed and pulverized. After that, economist Michel Chossudovsky talks about an asserted connection between Kosovo's organized crime and military and political authority.

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