Johnny Cash: The Last Great American

  • Published 1 year ago
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This is a BBC 4 documentary about the legendary singer Johnny Cash. It portrays, retrospectively, his life and work.

The major contributors to this film are his long-time manager, Lou Robin, his children John Carter and Rosanne Cash, musicians Cowboy Jack Clement, Merle Haggard, Little Richard, Kris Kristofferson and Elvis Costello.

Cash gained his country music superstar status in the 60s when he established the legendary Man in Black persona. Hit songs of that period were ‘I Walk The Line’, ‘Ring Of Fire’, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘A Boy Named Sue’.

At that time, he was battling drug issues and had a peculiar lifestyle of spirituality and fame. He eventually settled down with June Carter, with whom he had two children.

His career took a new and fresh direction, turning to a younger audience in the 90s, when he started collaborating with Rick Rubin, a producer from Def Jam.

He won a number of Grammy and other similar awards for his last album. He died in 2003, just after the release of a CD set called ‘Unearthed’, an acoustic performance which revived his career.

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