Jewish Survivor Moshe Taube Testimony

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Moshe Taube is a cantor, academic, and musician. Popular concert performer in Israel in the 1950s, he became a successful recording artist in the United States. He is among the 1,200 Holocaust survivors saved by Oskar Schindler.

Born in Poland in 1927, he began singing and studying music at the age of 8. He started his career in a choir by his mentor, the prominent cantor Yossele Mandelbaum. In 1939, he and his family were taken by Nazis in Krakow and sent to concentration camps. His mother and sister were sent to their deaths.

Moshe and his father survived thanks to Oskar Schindler. After that, he lived with a relative in Romania, and then immigrated to Palestine. Taube immigrated to the US in 1957 where he continued his music education.

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