If Drugs Were Legal

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The film set in 2015 is follows the investigation into the two girls’ deaths by an drug agent who worked closely with an ex-drugs policeman. The film shows the differing cases that emerged. Experts such as former chief constable Francis Wilkinson argued the case for pro-legalization, while David Raynes of the National Drug Prevention Alliance was one of the voices arguing against.

Based on rigorous research and interviews with experts, the documentary delves on arguments that suggest drugs like cocaine and heroin must be made legal, and examines how a legal and regulated system of drugs would work.

The film shows that the government has decided to legalize drugs. UK, along with European countries, Canada and Australia, has opted out of the UN treaties which control drugs. The film shows that the trade from possession to use and production to supply of drugs has been legalized.

The drama opens with the deaths of two girls in a club which is licensed to sell drugs. In the scenario, most drugs are readily available, with government health warnings and lists of ingredients, from various outlets. Drugs of addiction, like heroin, are free but only available on prescription from Swiss-styled heroin clinics. Cocaine is still illegal. The whole trade is regulated by a new agency, called Ofdrug.

The film raises the question if drug legalization could really reduce crime overall, and if it could make drug use any safer.

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