Human Senses

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Almost everyone has experienced a moment a faint fragrance brings back memories of a moment lost in time so hit back to the forefront of their minds.Often we have forgotten the entire event, but is aware of our mind presented clearly unfathomable in some inaccessible corner of the brain, ready for instant retrieval.

Nigel Marven goes in search of unpleasant odors and more attractive, is to discover why they are great to see some things, but sometimes miss what is before our eyes, the biological reasons why humans eat a wide range of food, raw ducks rotten eggs a sweaty blue cheese, shows that when it comes to our sense of human touch are like elephants, keeps track of the sounds they produce more powerful emotional impact about us and joins stunt coordinator Marc Cass for a dramatic unity and experience as the organs of balance, let us know how we’re being a jerk around and even upside down.

Specialty real human beings is to check each other. We are very good at it, we do it without even being aware of it. With the help of the latest eye-tracking technology and scientists from the University of Sussex, committed volunteers are what your eyes really catch up. We are also very experienced in measuring the depth and distance. Nigel discover how the best players in baseball to manage the monitoring of a ball coming toward them at high speed. This ability is an extreme example of the basic hand / eye coordination that we all acquire as we grow.

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