Human Evolution: Clash of The Cavemen

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In the wilds of ice devastated Europe about 25,000 years before Christ, a war like no other series lasted between two species of primitive men. In a unique moment in world history, these two species, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon (Homo sapiens), competed for resources and for a permanent seat on the top of the animal kingdom.

It was an epic battle of the brains of muscle strength that determined the course of human history. In this scenario, based on scientific theories, the testimony of our prehistoric ancestors as they collide with a totally different kind of humans, the Neanderthals, about 30,000 years ago the ice age in Europe.

In clash of cavemen, film recreations and the state of the art CGI bring to life of the Neanderthals, robust, powerful and able to tolerate pain and their enemies, the Cro-Magnon, the weaker and more fragile, but with a superior brain capable of complex thought. This documentary film-quality story used the latest scientific advances to create the atmosphere and the risks were: huge quadrupedal predators, punishing temperatures, and the relentless threat of starvation.

Cutting-edge research archaeologists and anthropologists, including data from the ongoing project of mapping the Neanderthal genome at Max Planck Institute of Germany s, when given to realism and accuracy to this struggle until the final catastrophic.

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