High Class Homeless

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"This documentary addresses the demise of many who decide that they simply cannot afford the luxury of living in rented accommodation and opt to live in an RV (recreational Vehicle) with all the associated difficulties and hassles.

Documentarytube contacted Zack Lobisch, the artist responsible for the documentary to get his perspective of the video he had produced. This is what he had to say:


“ This documentary addresses certain aspects of living in a Recreational Vehicle in a congested city environment. With a high increase in poverty as a result of country wide recession, some people are forced to live in this difficult, and desperate manner. This film will take you on a short journey through the life of one person’s account of his experience living on the City Streets of Urban America. High Class Homeless is entertaining, educational and enlightening to anyone curious about this lifestyle, and the things that go along on a day to day basis. I hope You enjoy my movie. ZL “

This of course is a very understated account by Zack of what is in fact a very classy representation of a less than satisfactory lifestyle. The documentary addresses many of the traumas encountered by those choosing, or being forced to chose this way of life. In a further email he has informed Documentarytube that he will be having a public showing in San Diego CA in the next few weeks (Oct 2012) and he will see how it all goes then. “I have an audience already so should be fun.” he told us.

The reality is that he becomes sick of being dirty, sick of moving, sick of being cold and sick of being moved on by Police and authorities for no real reason …all this and still making every effort to hold down full time employment. Some feat for sure.

This documentary video by artist Zack Lobisch not a second hand review of someone elses life…this is him showing it as it was and is in a recreation vehicle at the side of a busy noisy road with real concern for his safety.

With poverty levels rising and jobs fewer by the minute in 2012 many are considering this option…it is worth watching this to understand the complications. Because this is a short version of the video, documentarytube asked if it were possible to upload the full length version?

Zack responded:

“Thanks for the interest in my documentary. I think I would be able to upload the full length video. Its 40 minutes. I would just use my other, more powerful computer. It might be a few weeks, but i am definitely interested. Also I will be making much more content with the same premise. I will be having a public showing in San Diego CA in the next few weeks. I will see how it all goes. I have an audience already so should be fun. Zack”

So we look forward to getting the full version and airing it for you."

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