Glut: The Untold Story of Punjab

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73.5 % of Punjab’s young is in love with narcotics. A multi million illegal drug nexus running under the noses of the Perimeter Security Force, The Board of directors of Tax revenue Intelligence agency, The Narcotics Control condition Federal agency and the Intelligence agency Office, leaving alone them as simple bystanders to Punjab’s wearing. The annual usage of intoxicant in Punjab is extending to 29 Corer bottlefuls making it one of the highest per capita consumers of alcoholic drink from world!

The scenario in Punjab is getting worse by the day, which specialists have already begun to position an expiration particular date about the province.

This docudrama takes an emphasis on the upcoming menace of narcotic mania in Punjab. It researches in detail how the pill is trafficked in Punjab from Republic of India West Pakistan delimitation and this network scatters through the state.

Recounted by Rahul Bose and referred by many as significant names. However now and then it does seek to progress pathos to get the fellows feeling of the spectator, but mostly it rests rather bluff. It’s really an eye opener.

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