Girt By Beards

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"The World Beard and Moustache Championships is actually a bi-annual event that was founded in 1990. Contenders anywhere from the planet earth contend in what is named the Olympic Games of professional beard growing.

The Beards absolutely are a South Aussie circle that alone compose and do songs about the significance of having a beard.

In 2009, The Beards (and two gentleman bearded Aussies) travel to Anchorage, Alaska, for cash at and contend in the World Beard and Moustache Championships as the first-ever Australian squad.

A fun-spirited docudrama is about one of the world’s most unknown bands at one of the world’s most unsung events. As they observe everything bearded, locate an odd metropolis and do in front of their pipe dream audience. It takes a satisfying look at the genuine characters behind the band, The Beards."

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