Genius of Pythagoras

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This documentary describes Pythagoras. It was produced by Cromwell Productions in 1996.

Pythagoras (530 BC fl.) Must have been one of the greatest men of the world, but he wrote nothing, and it is difficult to say which part of the doctrine known as Pythagoras is that the founder of the society and how is later development.

The genius of the word perfectly describes Pythagoras, sometimes their ideas and theories were so radical, that were considered dangerous or subversive by the rulers of his time.

Against the backdrop of ancient Greece, this film tells the story of a true genius. Immortalized in the popular imagination of a simple mathematical theorem, Pythagorean place in history was assured.

The story of Pythagoras is one of innovation, change, determination and sheer genius. As an accurate picture of life emerges, it is clear that there is more to this great man of a single truth, simple – here was a great mathematician, philosopher and political leader.

It is also difficult to say how much of what it tells us about the life of Pythagoras is trustworthy, a mass of legend gathered around his name at an early date.

He is sometimes depicted as a man of science, and sometimes as a preacher of mystic doctrines, and might be tempted to consider one or other of these historical figures like the only one.

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