From the eyes of a soldier: Iraq

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This extraordinary documentary is the first of its kind. It is released in 2006 and depicts the invasion of Iraq. What gives it uniqueness is the fact that it is produced by the soldiers that participated in the invasion.

The story follows three soldiers of the New Hampshire Army National Guard prior to their deployment to Iraq. A year after the invasion, the trio arrives in Iraq, where the story continues. They are assigned to the Charlie Company unit of the 3rd Battalion, 172nd Infantry Regiment.

They are equipped with cameras in order to film their journey. The SPC Michael Moriarty, in a patriotic outburst after the 9/11 attacks, has asked be shipped to Iraq. The other two soldiers are SGT Stephen Pink and SGT Zack Bazzi.

Other soldiers involved in the documentary are SGT Duncan Domey and SPC Brandon Wilkins. They are also filmed during the deployment. In total, 17 soldiers were equipped with cameras and they recorded over 800 hours of the invasion on Iraq.

Watch this incredible documentary and discover, firsthand, the experiences of the soldiers that were fighting in Iraq.

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