Frankie Boyle: Referendum

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Francis Martin Patrick “Frankie” Boyle was born in 1972, he’s a Scottish comedian and writer. He became famous for his pessimistic and controversial humor. His big breakthrough was after performing at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh. His performance made a huge impact on television comedy and he did three stand-up comedy shows and released three DVDs of live shows.

This show is about the Scottish Independence with a mix of stand-up, review and discussion with the audience with some high profile comedians to challenge Boyle's opinion. And the BBC has chosen Frankie to create this because he is considered as one the leading voices in modern satire. Through the show, he is showing people the reactions of England and trying to set a point on the relationship between these two countries.

The thing about this show is that it was filmed only moments after the referendum votes on September 18th in front of a live audience and he was actually asking the people in the show to give their votes. He received a lot of critics for this show and people think that his arguments were bad and not viable, but he puts his opinion out there and you can judge it by yourself.

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