Food: The Globalization of Cuisine

  • Published 2 years ago
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A cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, often associated with a specific region, country or culture. We bring you a documentary on the history and development of world food, from the traditional cuisine to the industrialized food production of today.

In order for a certain cuisine to become a global, a local one must spread around the world and its food is to be served world-wide. The improvements in the fields of food preservation, storage, shipping and production have enabled the global distribution of edible goods.

If you ever wondered about the origins of certain foods, spices or fruits and vegetables, this documentary shall provide answers. Here you will find the answer to the question of the origins of different kinds of food, from the early days of preparing dishes to the contemporary culinary achievements.

Explore the vast number of cuisines practiced around the world and enjoy some of the best recipes in the world.

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