Female in Prison - The Stories of Detroit's Wayne County

  • Published 11 months ago
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With the highest percentage of street crime and homicide crimes, Detroit is burst in flames and is often thought as the hardest city to live in the United States. With such crime percentage, Detroit, the city, and its residents, must protect themselves.

Enter Wayne County Jail, Detroit’s last hope for women of campus. Often called one of the hardest prisons in the United States, Wayne Country is not a place where you want to end up.

And even though the jail has a reputation of being tough, it is also one of the prisons in the United States that offers women a chance of redemption. Women have a chance to enter a program in which they talk with a psychiatrist about the problems that got them there. Once you hear their stories, you will be placed in a hard dilemma to decide whether to root for those women, or be pleased that they are behind bars.

For example, one of the inmates had to cope with the reality of her daughter dying just five days after she went to prison. Think that is hard? Many of the women in the jail have been stabbed, rapped or abused by their family or friends. Here are their stories.

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