Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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Ben Stein shows us a world where freedom of the Academy of the research may not be so free. This should be a concern to all and sundry. This undermines the notion that going to teach us the facts and truth in our universities. However, if you see how this documentary is the format that you will find that this film is too biased, deepening the spectra of the propaganda! Let me explain. Stein tries out his premise interviewing scientists who have been rejected by the establishment. Scientists reportedly have had their lives ruined because of their belief in something called “Intelligent Design”. Science is not here to persecute the beliefs and the concept that this is likely to anger anyone … that is, until you realize that the length is going to paint science as the root of this evil.

Therefore, we Stein interviews scientists who have had their titles in ruins by the establishment, do not you think Stein should interview people working in the scientific community at the time on this subject? If the persecution of dissidents was going on I think he go and talk to people still working in the field and cite examples for scrutiny. This never happens. Either Stein is a terrible host only for a documentary and should stick to game shows, or has an agenda. Stein interview with PZ Myers, Michael Ruse, Eugenie Scott, and the powerful Richard Dawkins for his grand finale, but never once asked about the people who were fired or denied tenure. He just sticks to the questions about how life began.

Not even really talk to them about why intelligent design is rejected by the scientific community against why evolution is taught. You never ask these questions. Michael Ruse, who is not even credited in his interview (the most neglected documentary work), suggests a possible life scenario involving starting windows. This results in Stein asked again how it is possible … after Ruse simply said that the results can be interpreted as a rude response Ruse. This style of filming to show scientists unwilling to accept the idea of intelligent design leads the viewer to see science as intolerable.

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