England: Normans

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Early-mid age in England starts with Norman occupation of England in 1066 and it lasts until the end of the Angevin dynasty 1216. Normans linked the England crown with their land in France and brought to England French language, a new government and they put Norman clerics on church positions in England. It is important to know that in mid age if you had a church on your side you could do whatever you want so this was very important for Normans. Normans ruled England through system of castles and the introduction of the feudal system and landholding. They adopted many Anglo-Saxon governmental institutions, but the feudal system concentrated more power in the hands of the king and a small elite.By the early thirteen-century church had largely won its argument for independence from the state, answering almost entirely to the Rome.

Norman age in England starts with William I (1066-1087), after rebellion in 1088 William II(1087-1100) seized the throne. When William II died his throne was immediately seized by Henry I (1100-1135). Henry I lost his only son and named his daughter Matilda (1135-1154) as his heir, she had to fight her father cousin for the throne but she managed to win. This marks the age of Angevins and it starts with King Henry II(1154-1189) followed by Richard I(1189-1199) who spent a lot time in crusade, after his death John(1199-1216)took the crown and ruled England .

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