Dwarf in China

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Jean Marie is a young white man who wants to put smiles on people’s face. To be more precise, he wants to make children smile. For that matter, he went to rural China, where he performs for young children who just needs someone to put a smile on their face.

The children really enjoy the performance by the Dutch performer, who teams up with his friend Frank to travel through the untouched regions of China.

Frank and Jean bring a magical music box with them. They transport their wondrous music machine from one village to another, trying to help children escape reality just for a second. In addition to playing music and performing for the children, Jean and Frank also think of games to engage the children.

Jean has been in China for four years, and now he also teaches children. He believes there are millions of children in China that do not get enough space to showcase their skills and talent. So, he gives them that space.

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