Drop in the Ocean? Ireland and Climate Change.

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Environmental change is the greatest danger to the existence of mankind today, but the political apparatus is refusing to provide a rapid response in order to prevent these climate changes. The gravity of the situation is best demonstrated through a given estimate that the environmental issues could set back all of the progress that was made in order to reduce poverty in the last decade.

At the same time how can it influence Ireland and where do we fit in the worldwide picture? The makers of this extraordinary documentary are interviewing some of Ireland's leading natural researchers, journalists and activists in order to discover the answer to the question at hand.

Among the interviewed parties are Oisin Coughlan, Director of Friends of the Earth Ireland, John Gibbons, Environmental Writer, John Fogarty, Templederry Community Windfarm, Dr John Sweeney, Climatologist, NUI Maynooth, Niamh Garvey, Trócaire Policy Officer, Paul Melia, Environment Correspondent, Irish Independent, Ciara Kirrane, Stop Climate Chaos Ireland Coalition coordinator, Stephen McCabe, Environment Scientist, John Fogarty, Templederry Community Windfarm and Paul Melia, Environment Correspondent, Irish Independent.

If you enjoyed this documentary and would like to see more, click here.

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