Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

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With the Cosmos, Carl Sagan and his wife and co-writer, Ann Druyan, brilliantly illustrated the underlying science of the book of the same title, placing the human within a context of space and time taken to infinity incredibly clear view. The series, which originally aired on PBS in 1980, has been seen by more than 700 million people worldwide and remains a highlight in the history of the miniseries.

Sagan explains with clarity the issues as the theory of relativity Einstein’s theory of Darwinian evolution, and the greenhouse effect, so that the mysteries of the universe to a layman’s level of understanding. The images on these remastered, DVD or VHS seven, seven sets is as fresh and exciting as it was two decades ago and is sure to fire the imagination of a whole new generation of viewers. This is the largest ever television series.

This documentary has inspired me a love of science, learning and freedom of inquiry that have shaped my two interests and intellectual curiosity. Of the hundreds of high quality science doc series published in the interim, the focus is not the majesty and depth of it. An elegant and artistic company of a well-organized, self-correction mode of reasoning and thinking about the universe / time that we occupy. After a quarter century, this series is as fascinating as it is education.

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