Bizarre Foods - Philippines

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Worms fresh from the tree, steamed duck eggs, and many more Filipino delicacy offer a wide range of bizarre foods for everyone who is brave enough to try them. Andrew Zimmern is on a trip of a lifetime, a journey through various cuisines and their most bizarre samples. This time, his host is the Philippines.

It is amazing to witness how diverse the cuisine of the Philippines has become in recent years, with both creativity and resourcefulness playing key aspects in the dish.

The cuisine is under influence of foreign cuisines, such as the Chinese cuisine that has the largest impact, but you can also find Indonesian, Malaysian, and Spanish influence as well. And while the cuisine is not yet on the mainstream radar, that is about to change in the next couple of years, thanks to both bizarre and delicacy foods.

A heck of a journey and adventure, a melting pot from starting from the capitol Manila, to the bays and shores. Andrew will try Balut, Calamansi, Bamboo shoots, Coconut and rice paste wrapped on banana leaves and roasted, Okoy (shrimp pancake), Deep fried fertilized duck eggs, baby chickens marinated, steamed and fried, Tokneneng, Ube and cheese-flavor ice cream in a bun and much more.

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