Birth Control Pills are making children Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual

  • Published 1 month ago
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Birth control pills are one of the most controversy subjects of the past few years. A pile of articles has been written on the subject. There are people that are pro birth control pills, and those that are oppose. Both sides have valued arguments on their side.

And it is good to see the opinion of both sides. Filmed in a typical Anonymous video, the speech tries to shed new light on the use of birth control pills. The main message is that women need to educate themselves on birth control pills, and whether they are the best option.

Birth control pills contain synthetic estrogen, that some believe cause children to be born as homosexual, or bisexual. These synthetic estrogen pills were banned worldwide in 1971 because of side effects. They contain the same ingredient, Diethlstilbestrol (DES) that caused children to be born as homosexual or bisexual from 1938 to 1971.

Nowadays, the birth control pills poison is a popular conspiracy theory. Whether you believe in it or not, that is your choice. But it doesn’t hurt to hear the arguments from both sides.

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