Biography of Otto von Bismarck

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Called the Iron Chancellor, Bismarck is definitely one of the most influential people in Germany history. He dominated Prussian and German History in the 19th century, a time when Germany became force to be reckoned with in Europe.

His biggest accomplishment was unifying Germany in one country. Before Bismarck, Germany was divided on multiple tribes.

Otto started his career in law, but soon abandoned his career in law, and joined the army. He spent one year in the army, before leaving the army to go back home and attend his Mother’s funeral. However, despite mourning his mother’s dead, Bismarck couldn’t stay away from the army force.

Bismarck was able to unify Germany due to his impressive diplomatic skills. He is one of the rare politicians at the time that could speak multiple languages. Despite his native German language, Bismarck also spoke French, English, Italian, Russian and Polish.

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