Behind the Curtain: Life In the Soviet Union

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Thanks to government controlled media, what was happening in the Soviet Union was rarely known to the Western World. And while things have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, the Soviet Union has always been a mystery for the Western World.

Back in the days, even bigger. The documentary takes you through the lenses of the life of the average citizen in the Soviet Union, the struggles and challenges.

For example, one of the biggest struggles back in the days for citizens of the Soviet Union was to receive a clear television signal. It might sound unrealistic to some people in the Western World, but sometimes, people in the Soviet Union were struggling to get a clear picture for hours.

The only downside is that the film footage of this documentary wasn’t available and people in the Western World did not see when it was done in the early 80s. Watching the documentary would have humanized Russia in a way that would benefit everybody. Humanizing Russia is the main goal of the documentary. Therefore, without spoiling everything, we invite you to watch it and see the stories of the average citizens in the Soviet Union.

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