A Tiger Called Broken Tail

  • Published 1 year ago
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Irish Cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson spent very nearly 600 days recording Broken Tail & his family for a portion of the finest animal documentaries ever filmed. Broken Tail was the most magnetic tiger whelp he'd ever seen in Ranthambhore, one of India's chief wild tiger saves. Incomprehensibly charming, he frolicked and postured for Colin's cam through the first years of his life.

However then, abruptly, Broken Tail vanished. He surrendered his haven and went on the run, vanishing into the wilds of rustic India for just about a year.

On a terrific odyssey crosswise over Rajasthan, Colin goes by horseback following Broken Tail's last voyage, get-together intimations as to his course and conduct, investigating why he deserted his home, or more all: uncovering essential truths about India's last wild tigers.

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