A Life in Japan

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Japan is one of the densest populated countries in the world. Tokyo, the capital of Japan is a mixture of traditional culture, along with ultramodern skyscrapers and everything in between. With a population of 13 million and more, Tokyo is extremely dense populated city.

And how does life looks in a dynamic country and city like Tokyo? If you ask the locals, you’ll get a great answer. But if you ask foreigners, who live there for some years, you’ll get an even better answer.

The documentary Life in Japan explores exactly that, how does it look to live in one of the highest populated countries in the world. Are there advantages? Are there disadvantages? Yes, and yes. To find out what is good and what is bad, just check the documentary.

Filmed through the eyes of western and foreign residents, Life in Japan paints the perfect picture for people who would love to check the country as tourists, but also for those who would consider moving in.

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