World’s Most Dangerous Roads | Burundi – The Racing Cyclists

by May 3, 2023Environmental, Videos

Burundi is an African country known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. But what is less well-known is the dangerous job of the racing cyclists of Burundi.

Bicycles are the main means of transportation in the small nation, and bicycle couriers are a vital part of keeping the economy running. Bananas, a staple food in Burundi, need to be transported from markets to factories that brew banana beer. This is where Tharcien comes in; a courageous bike courier who navigates the treacherous Burundi Highway on his daily cross-country trip.

The documentary, “Tharcien’s Journey”, showcases a day in his life on this exhausting route. We witness how he perseveres through difficult terrain and sweltering heat to deliver his precious cargo. The documentary also gives viewers an insight into the challenges that many bicycle couriers face in Burundi, such as poverty and limited infrastructure.

We see how these brave people work hard to keep their economy moving despite unimaginable odds – all while taking us on an incredible journey across this beautiful African country. By watching “Tharcien’s Journey”, we can get an appreciation and admiration for their courage and dedication.

So if you want to gain more knowledge about life in Burundi or just appreciate a thrilling adventure, then watch “Tharcien’s Journey” today!

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