Winter of War – Tracks East

Sep 7, 2023 | Travel, Videos

As winter draws closer, many countries in Western Europe are worried about having enough gas to keep themselves warm. However, the energy crisis is even more dire for those living in Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. With temperatures dropping and resources becoming increasingly scarce, these countries are facing a particularly difficult winter ahead.

The documentary “Tracks East” takes an in-depth look at how people in these countries are struggling to cope with their current situation. Through interviews with locals and experts, it examines the toll that the energy crisis have taken on their lives and sheds light on their efforts to survive despite challenging circumstances.

For instance, families from Poland who used to rely on natural gas for heating their homes have had to switch to wood burning stoves instead due to high fuel costs. Meanwhile, Ukrainians who have been cut off completely from Russian gas supplies must now resort to buying less reliable and expensive alternatives from private traders. The documentary shows the human cost of this energy crisis as well as how communities can come together during hard times.

In addition to exploring ways that citizens are adapting to their current realities, “Tracks East” also investigates government policies related to energy production and distribution. By highlighting the plight of ordinary people affected by these decisions, it serves as an important reminder for viewers across Europe of how valuable our access to gas is and how easily it can be taken away if not properly managed.

We invite you take a journey with us through “Tracks East” – a documentary which offers a window into an often overlooked perspective of hardships faced by our fellow Europeans during this tough winter season. Discover what strategies they employ amid such adversity and gain insight into their inspiring resilience despite limited resources available at hand.

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David B