U93 The Flight That Fought Back

May 24, 2024 | 9/11, News, Political, Videos

On September 11, 2001, the world was rocked by an immense tragedy unlike any before. The attack on the United States of America changed the global landscape forever. One of these attacks involved United Airlines Flight 93, a flight that has since been immortalized in books and films for its heroic passengers and crew.

United Airlines Flight 93 departed from Newark International Airport in New Jersey, heading to San Francisco International Airport in California on the morning of September 11th. However, this innocent journey would never reach its destination. Instead, terrorists took over the plane with intent to use it as a weapon against those below.

Within minutes of hijacking the plane, the terrorists had managed to gain control and divert Flight 93 off course towards Washington D.C., a target which could have caused much more devastating damage than anything before seen on American soil.

Thankfully, unbeknownst to the hijackers, several passengers were able to make phone calls via their airphones conveying information about what had happened in both New York City and at the Pentagon due to hijackings earlier that day. Upon receiving this information and realizing their fate was being used for terroristic purposes, these courageous passengers formed a plan: fight back against those who intended harm. With great courage they rushed into action; attempting to reclaim control of their destiny and bring down this hijacked plane in a rural area instead of its terrorist’s intended target – Washington D.C..

This story is brought to life in numerous documentaries such as “The Flight That Fought Back” or “Flight 93” which honorably depict this heroic tale featuring those brave individuals aboard United Airlines flight 93 on September 11th 2001 whose selflessness ultimately saved thousands of lives on that fateful day. We encourage everyone to take some time out of their day to watch one (or both!) of these documentaries so that we can all remember and pay homage to those remarkable individuals who made an ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety that day .

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