The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese

Jun 7, 2024 | Health, Videos

In 2012, Sarah Colwill from Plymouth was unexpectedly struck with a sudden and severe headache. Little did she know that when she awoke a few hours later, her Devon accent had been replaced with what sounded like a Chinese one. This perplexing phenomenon was later diagnosed as Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS), an incredibly rare condition whose exact causes remain largely unknown.

FAS is thought to be caused by stroke or damage to certain parts of the brain responsible for language processing, however there are also cases reported where no such underlying medical condition can be determined. It is characterised by changes to speech production, causing affected people to sound like they have adopted a foreign accent even if they have not left their native country.

Sarah Colwill’s story of having FAS is especially remarkable and recently it was featured in a documentary titled ‘My Mysterious Accent’. The film follows Sarah’s journey from diagnosis to rehabilitation and explores the effect this obscure disorder has had on her life. It dives into the science behind FAS and attempts to offer insight into why this condition remains so mysterious and little known in the medical world.

This documentary is an ideal opportunity for viewers who want an in-depth exploration of FAS or just generally find stories about unique medical conditions fascinating. If you’re looking for an interesting tale that will leave you questioning the power of language, then ‘My Mysterious Accent’ is definitely worth watching!

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David B