The healing power of music – How does music impact us?

Aug 15, 2023 | Music, Science, Videos

What is it about music that’s so powerful? It affects all levels of the human brain, and directly impacts our emotions. It shapes us in the womb and can drive us to perform at our peak. And it can even help us to live healthier and happier lives.
This documentary explores the positive influence music has on us – from infancy to old age. Neuroscientists like Peter Vuust and Stefan Kölsch are researching the secrets of rhythms and melodies through studying how our brains function and develop. From the University of Bergen in Norway, Stefan Kölsch believes music may activate healing powers better than many drugs can. In sports, high-energy beats can motivate better performance, while Tom Fritz from the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig has discovered that producing music ourselves during training makes us even more effective. “The Positive Power of Music” examines how music shapes us, motivates us, and heals us, offering insight into one of the most fundamental aspects of the human experience.

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David B