Tarchi becomes a woman

Aug 17, 2023 | Health, People, Social, Videos

Tarchi Ausavapichayachote is a 19-year-old transgender from Thailand. Having been born in a male body, she has long identified as a female, and that identity has been affirmed by her mother. Her journey to accept and celebrate her body has led her to pursue surgery to get breast implants. Now that she has taken this step towards feminizing her body, our documentary takes you on a journey through her surgery and explores how Tarchi feels after the procedure.
As Tarchi’s body is now under the effects of hormone therapy for the last four years, the physical changes have been noticeable. From her voice to facial features, her looks have transformed. Though her father has struggled to accept his daughter’s identity, with time, he has slowly come around. This powerful documentary takes you through Tarchi’s journey, and it’s a story that raises awareness of how individuals fight for their gender identity in different cultures.

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David B