Supermax, The American Prison Hell

by May 22, 2023Crime, People, Videos

Super Maximum Security, also known as Supermax prisons, are the harshest prison system in the United States. With an estimated 25,000 inmates kept in total solitary confinement, these prisoners experience a life of isolation and deprivation. Often kept in windowless cells for 23 hours a day with minimal human contact and one hour allotted for exercise, life in Supermax is nothing short of a nightmare.

One such prison is Pelican Bay State Prison located in Northern California. This was the first Supermax prison to open within the United States and serves as an example of just how grueling life behind these walls can be.

The documentary “Super Maximum Security: Total Solitary Confinement” takes viewers on an immersive journey into this institution. Not only does it present first-hand accounts from inmates and their families but also gives insight into the lives of correctional officers who struggle with the moral dilemma of administering this type of punishment day after day.

This documentary is not only eye-opening but seeks to create awareness about the conditions that inmates face when placed in solitary confinement for long periods of time or even for life. It raises questions about whether undergoing this type of punishment is humane while also exploring if there are alternative solutions that could prove more effective.

If you want to learn more about Supermax prisons and understand what it’s like to be incarcerated inside one then look no further than “Super Maximum Security: Total Solitary Confinement” – a must watch for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of solitary confinement and its effects on both prisoners and correctional officers alike.

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