Strain Hunters

  • Published 8 years ago
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Strain Hunters is a sequence of docudramas intended at enlightening the common community about the mission for the protection of the cannabis herb in the method of exceptionally susceptible landraces beginning in the humblest parts of the world.

The only determined of Strain Hunters is to recognize, discover and recover cannabis landraces that have not been examined, in order to provide experts and physicians the opportunity to further augment information of the cannabis shrub in the medical domain.

Numerous formerly unfamiliar cannabinoid summaries are contained in cannabis landraces commencing from vicinities where there is no likelihood of technical investigation.

Someday these shrubberies could be beneficial in creating enhanced treatments for the ill and the agonizing. We believe it is our responsibility to conserve as numerous cannabis landraces in our genomic databank, and by propagating them into additional researched pharmaceutical strains for the solitary reason of scientific exploration.

Throughout the creation of the Strain Hunters documentaries no damage was done to any individual, creature, shrub, or the natural environment. Altogether carbon emissions produced by this venture have been counterbalance by depositing thousands of plant seeds.

The Strain Hunters documentaries have the distinct and restricted reason of info to the common populace. Strain Hunters do not sanction or endorse prohibited actions of any type.

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