Sex Therapist Jaiya – Unlocking True Pleasure

Nov 19, 2023 | Health, Sexuality, Videos

Kelly and Sex Coach and Pleasure Expert Jaiya discuss the delicate topic of sex and healing in a new documentary. The documentary highlights how individuals can enhance intimacy and pleasure in their sex lives by learning their and their partner’s erotic blueprint language.
Jaiya, known for her innovative work in the field, has developed The Erotic Blueprint Quiz to help individuals find out their erotic language. Similar to the Five Love Languages, understanding your and your partner’s erotic blueprint can result in improved intimacy and chemistry with your partner, or future partners.
In the documentary, Jaiya brings to light the shame and cultural beliefs that have been imposed onto pleasure and sex. She explains how healing certain judgments about sex can result in physical and spiritual health benefits that pleasure and play brings. Jaiya also offers useful tips to help viewers overcome these stigmas and understand what gives them pleasure the most.
During the documentary, Kelly gets vulnerable and Jaiya doesn’t hold back. Watch the documentary to gain insight into how you can improve your sex life and overall well-being.
If you are ready to take your sex life and relationship to the next level, be sure to catch this must-see documentary. With Jaiya’s guidance, you can unlock a new level of intimacy and pleasure that you may never have thought possible before.

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David B