Serena & Saje Dyer – A Simple Key For Making Any Decision

by May 12, 2023Health, Videos

Serena Dyer Pisoni and Saje Dyer, two of Wayne Dyer’s eight children, have shared critical insights into what it was like growing up with spiritual parents and a famous spiritual teacher as their father Wayne Dyer. In an emotionally charged dialogue, they recount how his teachings were fundamental to helping them navigate the overwhelming grief they encountered after his sudden passing in 2015.
Their narrative not only sheds light on Wayne Dyer’s wisdom but also reveals how much he affected them personally. They reflect on how, towards the end of his life, Wayne looked forward to his “next phase,” which meant expanding his soul beyond the limitations of his physical form and senses.
The sisters reminisce about the aftermath of their father’s death and how they turned to his teachings more than ever before. This compelling story offers a heartrending glimpse into the powerful, mysterious, and sometimes humorous communication they received from Wayne after crossing to the other side.
In their new book, The Knowing, Serena and Saje remind us of their father’s most important teachings and how love is genuinely the greatest healer. The book is a testament to Wayne Dyer’s legacy and is an inspiration to those seeking to reconnect with their intuition and reclaim their “knowing.”
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