Russia: Building and Burning Bridges

Nov 18, 2023 | Business, Environmental, Social, Videos

The Kerch Strait Bridge is a remarkable engineering feat that connects the Crimean peninsula to Russia. Spanning over 20 kilometers, it is the longest bridge in Europe, and was inaugurated in 2018 by Russian President Putin to seal the annexation of Crimea by his nation.

The bridge stands as a symbol of both political and economic power, connecting the two regions like never before. Built with steel and concrete, it has already become an iconic landmark on the Black Sea landscape. The construction was made possible through sheer determination and hard work – after all, this was no easy task given the terrain and high waves of the strait.

The documentary “Kerch Strait Bridge” gives a unique firsthand look into this incredible undertaking. It follows engineers from all around the world who dedicated their time to make this bridge a reality. Through interviews and spectacular aerial views of its structure, viewers can gain insight into how bridges are built, as well as admire first-hand nature’s grandeur from above.

This documentary offers viewers an extraordinary story of modern engineering that will leave them mesmerized for days after watching it. Whether you’re an engineer or simply curious about our world’s amazing feats of engineering, this movie is sure to amaze you with its stunning visuals and compelling storyline. So don’t miss out – watch “Kerch Strait Bridge” today!

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David B