Pakistan: Surviving the Deluge

by May 23, 2023Environmental, Videos

Pakistan is facing one of the worst floods in its history due to heavy and sustained monsoon rains. In the last month, 728 people have been killed, over 31,000 homes destroyed, and 500,000 livestock drowned. These catastrophic events have displaced a staggering 32 million people – making it the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world today.

The floods began in mid-July when torrential rain caused rivers such as the Indus to burst their banks. The water inundated villages and farmland across Punjab and Sindh provinces – two of Pakistan’s most populated states – resulting in catastrophic loss of life and property. The destruction is so severe that many are comparing it to similar disasters seen after the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 and Haiti’s earthquake of 2010.

The government has responded by declaring a state of emergency and appealing for international assistance. Aid from countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Turkey has begun arriving but there remains much work to do in order to ensure a safe recovery for those affected by this disaster.

To better understand the magnitude of this ongoing tragedy, viewers are encouraged to watch “Flood Crisis: Pakistan’s Hidden Disaster”. This documentary examines how remote villages were devastated by flash flooding almost overnight; how families were swept away from their homes; how communities lost everything; and how extraordinary acts of bravery emerged during these most desperate times. It also highlights how ordinary citizens can help make sure that these events don’t happen again in future.

As we witness Pakistani citizens face up to one of their greatest trials yet, let us not forget our collective responsibility to support them at this time of need. By watching “Flood

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