Nature’s Great Events

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Natures Great Events is a series of documentary “shorts” which depict some of the most inspiring, exciting or impressive natural events yet captured on film. As you would expect the photography in Natures Great Events is second to none in the great way that only BBC can portray. The playlist runs automatically to give a pleasing mix of short documentaries.

Major events of nature takes over Planet Earth left by the impressive series of the BBC, and offers a glimpse into some of the most fascinating events and spectaculars in the world. Narrated by David Attenborough, it digs in detail the impact on the nature of certain events, and manages to home in on the short stories in the midst of the most important. It’s an impressive cocktail.

The most up great events of nature photography is so awesome. Those who remember the Planet Earth will remember how the superb shots which were often, but in any case, Major Events of Nature is the ultimate. The picture here is world class, and that greatly enhances the series around as a result.

That said, there is more than enough substance to major events in nature as it is anyway. Diligently made and investigated, and presented in an accessible, but not condescending, which is another great success for the BBC in this area and further reinforces why it is a world leader in natural history documentaries are concerned.

Credit should also go by the decision to include making material. Back when the BBC broadcast The Blue Planet, were often as interesting as the main feature itself, and the same happens here. It’s a really fascinating idea to production so ambitious, and you can not lose series.

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