Nathalie Kelley – Harnessing Indigenous Wisdom to Regenerate our Future

Oct 1, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

Nathalie Kelley is a well-known Hollywood actress turned regenerative activist. She is a warrior, fighting for the preservation of biodiversity, cultural and micro diversity, justice, and harmony with our ecosystems. Her passion for a regenerative future is inspiring and is beautifully portrayed in the documentary film, “Kiss the Ground”.
Born of Quechua descent in Peru and raised in Australia by her Indigenous mother and grandmother, Nathalie’s roots and passion run deep. She has a background in Policy and Social Science and has actively used her platform to elevate indigenous wisdom and technologies. As a member of the boards of both Kiss the Ground and the Fungi Foundation, Nathalie seeks to educate and inspire people to come back into harmony with our ecosystems.
The documentary, “Kiss the Ground”, is a powerful film that explores solutions towards a regenerative future. It’s about healing the planet, healing our soil, healing our degenerative societal systems, and ultimately healing our bodies and minds. Nathalie narrates the film and shares personal stories and examples of regenerative practices in action.
The film also features interviews with experts in regenerative agriculture, soil science, and environmental activism. It showcases the unique role of indigenous practices in regenerative agriculture and emphasizes how important it is to learn from and incorporate indigenous wisdom and technologies into our modern practices.

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